Minecraft – the most popular video game of this era

Minecraft - the most popular game of this era

Minecraft – the most popular video game of this era

Minecraft is easily the most popular video game of this era and will remain, for the foreseeable future, as the most played game of all time. With over 100 million players on its servers, this game has entered cult status and still continues to evolve and update itself despite being released over a decade ago. The game itself is essentially a sandbox, open-world title which was originally created by the famous Swedish programmer and gamer, Markus “Notch” Persson, and then later developed further under his guidance by the gaming studio Mohjang.

Minecraft features a world which is procedurally generated and mainly focuses on gathering resources, crafting items and weapons, constructing structures and combatting threating enemies when need be. The sandbox nature of the game implies that the player can do whatever they want in the game world, from creating unique structures to shaping the world of the game as they see fit. Similarly, the game can be played in any way the player chooses to and there is no linear path to the game’s progression. You can build, explore, craft and basically do anything else that is possible within the game. Furthermore, every single Minecraft map (every single one) is completely unique and is generated for the player with endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. Both these game mechanics allow players to experience a gaming world like no other with the possibilities of gameplay that is truly unique and entertaining for each player.

Minecraft runs on various platforms and each version of the game runs slightly different. The original PC edition is where it all started and has become a comprehensive edition of the game that allows modding and supports local and remote multiplayer games. For mobile users, the game offers its popular Pocket Edition for on-the-go fun and has a separate console edition for PlayStation and Xbox gamers. All the editions have varying prices but offer the same undiluted fun of the core game.

The game itself can be played on 4 major modes – Creative, Survival, Adventure and Hardcore. All four modes offer a different and unique approach to the game and picking the right one depends on how you want to play the game. As the name applies, Creative Mode offers a more free-hand to the game where players have unlimited resources, invulnerability and unrestricted traversal options that can help you create anything that mind can conjure up. Survival Mode is more of a traditional game mode where you need resources to survive, and must battle against attacking mobs and the hazards of nature itself. Adventure Mode takes away the crafting and breaking of blocks and sets the player in a created world to roam around and play in without worrying about resources and survival. And lastly, the Hardcore Mode, a stage for all veteran gamers where the difficulty is turned up to an 11 and where death within the game holds significance.

Minecraft offers players the chance to play however they like, and utilize their strengths and interests into their gaming styles in order to fully realize the potential of this incredibly vast and extraordinarily entertaining game.

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