Uncover the superior League of Legends champions from Patch 12.5

Uncover the superior League of Legends champions from Patch 12.5

Uncover the superior League of Legends champions from Patch 12.5

A brand new League of Legends patch every two weeks helps to boost the meta, chopping and altering champions for the sake of stability.

Each change has the potential to have a big impact on the state of the game, in each skilled play and solo queue. We sifted through League stats web site u.gg to offer you a list of the champions with the very best win rates within the present patch.

Listed below are the most effective champions in Patch 12.5, according to stats.


Uncover the superior League of Legends champions from Patch 12.5

Veigar stays as one finest picks within the bot lane. His talents make him one of many strongest carries within the late game, mostly because of his Dark Matter (W) and Primordial Burst (R) combo. If used appropriately, it can immediately delete a squishy enemy. His Event Horizon (E) can also be helpful in lots of conditions. He currently has a 55.42 % win rate.



You’ve seen Rumble in the top lane, prepare for Rumble in the mid lane. That’s proper, with a 55.11 win rate, the Yordle shines essentially the most in Patch 12.5. And it’s not a lot of a shock. He has at all times been an excellent skirmisher, and his ultimate could make an impression when combating for targets or roaming to different lanes.



Seraphine returns to our list after a couple of tweaks within the latest patch, this time in the bottom lane. Together with her high burst, survivability, and some crowd management tools, it makes sense. With correct help by your side, you can also make your enemies’ life post level six a nightmare. Presently, she boasts a 55.01 % win rate.


And talking of aggressive supports, Rell is the only one that makes it to the list in this role in Patch 12.5. With a surge of squishy, poking champions within the role of supports, it’s considerably anticipated, since her package permits her to punish heroes like that. Right now, she has a 54.62 % win rate.


Ranged top laners have gotten more and more fashionable within the top lane, and Quinn makes the list for one more time this year. Her kit hasn’t modified at all, so it’s not shocking at all that she nonetheless heralds as among the best picks for the top lane. Quinn possesses an immense one-vs-one potential, excessive mobility, and a 54.58 % win rate right now.


In season 12, it has turn out to be extra widespread to see more hyper carries and heavily scaling bottom laners. Whereas Karthus is probably not referred to as a hypercarry, his scaling is respectable. Karthus’ damage will increase as the game goes on. Presently, he boasts a 54.09 % win rate.


Ever heard of Viktor in the top lane? We haven’t either. However, how the champ currently has a 53.56 % win rate there, it may be an choice to think about. His damage early should make any top laners’ laning phase a ache in the head. And, Viktor nonetheless stays one of the vital harmful champions as the game progresses. Right now, he sits at a 53.56 % win rate.

Master Yi

Whereas Master Yi was hit by the nerf hammer in Patch 12.5, evidently it didn’t affect his win rate at all, at the very least in Platinum and above. He’s nonetheless considered one of the top-tier junglers in solo queue, which is usually a results of his superb one-vs-one potential. In the late game, he can shut down many carries in a span of seconds. Right now, Master Yi has a 53.51% win rate.


Volibear has been among the best junglers for quite a while now, and his win ratio (53.36 % throughout the first days of Patch 12.5) is proof of that. Survivability, effective ganks, and quick jungle clear make him stand out from the other jungle picks.


One of the easiest champs to play in the game closes the list for Patch 12.5. As of now, Malphite has a 53.29 % win rate as a mid lane champion, and it’s no mistake that he’s discovered himself in this spot. Immense roaming potential, excessive damage for a tank, and an ultimate that may put you behind the steering wheel in the teamfights are values that finest describe the champion.

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