What is the new tactical FPS shooter game Valorant?

What is the new tactical FPS shooter game Valorant?

What is the new tactical FPS shooter game Valorant?

A tactical FPS shooter that took the gaming world by force, Valorant is the latest in the line of competitive shooting games which has already settled into a comfortable spot for future esports competitions. Developed by Riot Games, the gaming giant that created the incredibly popular League of Legends, this game is the studio’s first foray into shooting games and is heavily inspired by the major esports legend, Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Valorant combines the lethal gunplay and shooting mechanics of CS: GO with the team-based ability tactics of games like Overwatch, with a great roster of characters that feature unique abilities and playstyles. And while the game is primarily a shooter, its full potential is realized by utilizing hero abilities and working as team to complete your objectives and eliminating the enemy team.

The game pitches two teams against each other in a 5v5 battle situation, where each team has to complete objectives or eliminate the opposing team to win rounds. One team assumes the role of Attackers while the other acts as the Defenders, and goal of the game is for the Attackers to plant a Spike (bomb) in a designated site and for the Defenders to prevent them from doing so. The round can also be won by simply killing of the entire enemy team before any objective gameplay comes into action. Much like CS: GO, the gameplay features an in-game economy system where players earn money by eliminations, winning rounds or spike plants which they can use before the start of each round to buy better guns or utility abilities. The more cash you have, the better the chances for your survival and domination over the enemy team.

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Each hero, or Agent as they are called in-game, come with unique offensive or defensive abilities (depending on how you use them) and players must prioritize picking agents that make a well-balanced team in regards to strengths and weaknesses. There are currently 11 different agents to choose for any given match, from offensive A-listers like Pheonix and Jett to more supporting heroes like Omen or Sage, and no same agent can be picked by any two players regardless of what team they are on. Each agent has 4 unique abilities they can use during a round to gain an edge over their opponents or take an advantageous stance during combat. Every agent’s Ultimate is their most powerful ability but can only be used after it has gained enough charges by eliminations or objective progress, whereas their Signature abilities are available each round and used readily. 2 additional abilities for all agents are required to be bought with earned money and they act as utility for map traversal or offensive maneuvering.

Valorant brings the best of both worlds for fans of realistic shooter games and those that prefer team-based tactic elements in their gameplay, and soon many professional players will shift their careers onto this incredible hybrid title and aim for the top.

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