Next week, the Epic Store will have these two free games available

Next week, the Epic Store will have these two free games available

It’s that time again. The new free games were revealed on the Epic Games Store today at 5 p.m., as they are every Thursday. After keeping it a “secret” game for the past few weeks, those in charge are now unveiling the free game for this week and next.

These two free games will be available next week.

Epic Games has done it again because they are giving away two full versions of the game next week. Game of Thrones: The Board Game is the first of these. This is a digital version of a board game with strategic elements. You must lead your house to success in the computer game based on the same-named television series in order to be appointed ruler of the seven kingdoms after 10 rounds. You can play by yourself or with up to five of your buddies, stabbing them in the back or forging alliances.

The Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 is the second free game. Because you slide into the position of one automobile mechatronics technician and work your way up steadily, the name says it all. You begin in a small, run-down workshop, attempting to complete laps over your head. Mechanics may satisfy any demand, from a simple oil change to the repair of damaged exhaust systems to a complete gearbox replacement. Later on, you can expand your workshop and even purchase your own automobiles. After that, you can fix and tune them in order to resale them for a profit.


This week, you can get Supraland for free.

Supraland, this week’s free game, immerses you in a multiplayer game environment. You must investigate your environment in the guise of a tiny character, which proves to be difficult. Because many of your avenues are still blocked at the start, it takes time to develop new talents that allow you to overcome the initially insurmountable obstacles.

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