Ghostrunner: Everything We Know About the Game So Far

Ghostrunner is a first-person action game set in the far future. The

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Next week, the Epic Store will have these two free games available

It's that time again. The new free games were revealed on the

2 Min Read

Razer announced the new Huntsman Mini Analog – the first compact 60% keyboard

Razer today introduced the brand new Huntsman Mini Analog, the first compact

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LOL the world of Strategies

LOL is a world phenomena, and probably the most popular game of

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Microsoft Internet Explorer was buried like a human being in South Korea

The Internet Explorer era has come to an end. On June 15th, Microsoft stopped full support for the web browser, completing a 27-year run that began in 1995. The initial version of the web browser was introduced in 1995 as part of the optional Plus! for Windows 95 operating system. It reached its pinnacle in 2003, with a utilization rate

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The New League Of Legends Champion’s Trailer Was Revealed By Riot Games

League of Legends' creators are still committed to releasing more new champions. This time, Riot Games debuted Nilah as the new champion. Who is Nilah? The champion is anticipated to be a female bot laner who "will shake up the meta," according to head champion producer Ryan "Reav3" Mireles. She has numerous hands and some connection to the water. Reav3

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Next week, the Epic Store will have these two free games available

It's that time again. The new free games were revealed on the Epic Games Store today at 5 p.m., as they are every Thursday. After keeping it a "secret" game for the past few weeks, those in charge are now unveiling the free game for this week and next. These two free games will be available next week. Epic Games

HotSmurfs 2 Min Read

Supraland, a colorful puzzle game, is available for free on the Epic Games Store

Isn't it true that it's not always about giving away expensive games? Thursdays have become routine over the last few years: every week, there are game giveaways on the Epic Games Store, and many people have amassed such a large game library as a result of these giveaways that a lifetime is insufficient to complete everything. Today, another project will

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Sivir will be reworked in League of Legends in the near future: Damage is increased, but not lethality

The Balance Team of Riot Games is considering a Sivir update or mini-rework a few days following the release of the League of Legends Durability Update, or Patch 12.11, to reinstate her crit-focused build, giving her more damage and less utility with the objective of removing the deadly build. According to Dexertodeveloper Ray 'Ray Yonggi' Williams, Riot Games intends to

HotSmurfs 2 Min Read

How to get the Founder Pack free skins in Overwatch 2

Blizzard has disclosed the existence of a Founder package for Overwatch 2 PvP, in addition to stating that the hero shooter will be free to play on all platforms and will be released in October 2022. What is the OW2 Founder Pack and how do I receive it? The Overwatch 2 Founder Pack is only a method for the game's

HotSmurfs 3 Min Read

Early Access for Overwatch 2 has been confirmed for the fall

Through a trailer, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed an appearance at tonight's Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, as well as an early access date for the long-awaited action sequel Overwatch 2. The long wait for Overwatch 2 will be over on October 4, 2022, when Activision Blizzard will assist the sequel with an Early Access launch. At tonight's Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, this

HotSmurfs 2 Min Read

The Maneater shark simulator is available for free on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has yet again organized a free game promotion for its users. You can now add to your collection by playing the Maneater game. Maneater is an action role-playing game with characteristics of a predator simulator. The player will take control of a shark that must adapt and survive in a hostile environment. Simultaneously, you must hunt

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The Trailer Dying Light: Definition Edition Has Been Released

Dying Light is getting a Definitive Edition that consists of the 26 DLCs for your eyes to make you completely satisfied with the parkour zombie game for seven years. This Edition is the ‘Distance of Light’. It is accessible on most platforms for up to 70% off, even though the digital and retail launch for Nintendo Switch will need to

HotSmurfs 2 Min Read

Awesome 3D-printed frag grenade with LEDs created by Apex fan

From fan art and skin concepts to cosplays and handcrafted trinkets, there’s never an end to the creativity that flows out of the Apex Legends community. One Apex fan recently shared their 3D-printed replica of the game’s frag grenade—and it’s impressive how closely the final product resembles what the throwable item looks like in the game. The grenade is roughly

HotSmurfs 2 Min Read
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