5 Hot Games You Can Preorder Now

5 Hot Games You Can Preorder Now

The upcoming period will surely be an exciting one when it comes to new great games. As any gamer we suppose you have already chosen your favorites; however, if you’re still having some doubts, here comes the list of 5 best upcoming games you’ll definitely enjoy playing. Relax and enjoy the list.


1. DOOM Eternal

The core DOOM mechanics have arrived, and most importantly the various systems that reward aggressive game play. Just as before you’ll want to whittle their health down before a melee attack Glory Kill to earn health and break out your trusty chainsaw in order to generate ammunition.

New to the sequel is the ability to toast demons so that they drop armor shards, using an over-the-shoulder flamethrower called the ‘Flame Belch’.

Moreover, Glory Kills now has a secondary purpose: they fill up the Blood Punch meter, so you can unleash a new melee attack which basically lets loose an explosive wave of energy when you land a blow.

The combat alone is generally unchanged, but Bethesda has surely found a way to make the game even faster thanks to some new movement options. Besides the double jump there’s now a double dash – which shoots you a few feet forward, both in mid-air and on the ground – as well as posts you can swing from, and select walls you can grab onto to climb up.

Many of the enemies in the game will feel familiar – Possessed, Hell Knights, Cacodemons, and others – but there are new additions as well, and from what it has been said they’re very much of a piece with the existing canon. Classics have been modified too: the Baron of Hell now comes with a pair of flaming swords, making it more than a match, forcing you onto the defensive and really demanding careful movement in a way that not many other DOOM enemies have done before.

The confirmed release date that is November 22nd, guaranties a great game that will definitely find new and attract some old fans. We can’t wait to see it out.


2. Cyberpunk 2077

Not many games have woken up the attention or the intrigue as Cyberpunk2077 did. Thus the developer has been slowly releasing more info on the game, including two extended game play videos – and the reveal that it will star Keanu Reeves.

The first thing that you notice regarding Cyberpunk 2077 is the size and scale of the world. You become aware of it the second the character – V – leaves their apartment and steps out into Night City, a huge Californian metropolis which you’ll be able to explore fairly easily, with different cars, bikes and other vehicles around.
If you were having a hard time guessing it from the name, this is a dystopian future in the vein of Neuromancer or Blade Runner, topped with massive mega-corporations, overwhelming streets, and omnipresent cybernetic implants.

Character customization is on another level as well. From the start you pick not only your gender and physical appearance, but also character beats like who your childhood hero was, which makes it even more interesting to play, in a sense of your involvement in the game.

Furthermore, the skill progression system splits skills up in those six main parts, and then lets you put points into skills with specific weapons, hacking, fighting styles, etc. If you don’t want to overthink it all, there’s also an auto-leveling mode that gives points based on how often you use specific weapons and abilities.

Not to reveal too much, Cyberpunk 2077 is said to be one of the most impressive games expected in the upcoming year. The sprawling world, dense RPG elements, and great combat look phenomenal, and we can’t wait to get our hands on a controller and make the move to Night City.


3. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

New Star Wars release is a bombshell. Fallen Order is the work of a new team at the Titanfall2 developer, assembled from scratch in order to build third-person action games.

The foundations of the combat system are fairly simple: light and heavy attacks, a block button that can be tapped for a parry, a dodge that can be modified into a roll with a double tap, and a jump. Up on the triggers there are three Force powers; push, pull, slow, that can either be tapped for a quick move, or held for a stronger effect.

But those are just the basics, and things stop being basic pretty soon. Enemies attack with purpose and hit hard; combat is not simply about whaling away on an opponent until they fall down, but it involves breaking through their defenses, at which point the next hit will kill them.

The game is broken up into various discrete planets, each of them housing levels that, while appearing linear, loop back around on themselves making it that more posh.

The powers are a little harder to get your head around , but they’re great fun when you get your head around it, and can be used in different creative ways.

This will definitely be one of those games gamer will enjoy once they get hold of it. Yet another gem of the upcoming year.


4. Borderlands 3

Borderlands is back in the boldest of fashions. Both familiar and suitably enhanced in equal measure, Borderlands 3 is a much bigger game than the previous outings.

There are various planets to explore in the games you progress, each with their own challenges, enemies, etc. That gives a refreshing look at a new color palette and change of scenery. Instead of the rock-filled canyons and wastelands of Pandora, you get to travel the highways and sky-ways of a futuristic metropolitan city, Meridian.

While slightly altered, the core game play is mostly untouched. The Borderlands series has always boosted on its vast selection of weapons and loot crates that both look and feel very similar in style to the previous episodes. However, there are some additions, as well. There is a new elemental type – radiation, that joins fire, shock, corrosive and explosive for additional damage effects.

Other improvements regarding weapon include a greater variety of Tediore guns that perform different actions when you run out of ammunition.

Customization for playable characters is enhanced as well. You get skill points each time you level up and those can be assigned through three different categories for each of the characters.

Yet another great feature is, you can play with a friend. That can be done in split-screen or online, as you prefer. As you’re offered a wide array of customizable skills, you can both play as the same in-game character yet have pretty different talents and abilities.

Another exciting upcoming game that will put gamers on the edge of their seats for sure; offering a vast variety of possibilities when it comes to playing and characters.


5. The Surge 2.

With The Surge 2, one thing is sure; Deck 13 seems to have taken into consideration all of the previous criticisms and worked hard to address them in the sequel.

The Surge 2 offers you a character creator to make you own protagonist, customizing both their gender and looks. The weapon types from the original game have been improved as well,expanding from 5 to 10, with the new additions to spice up the game.

The Surge 2 presents some wicked enemies worth fighting against. Killing these enemies gives you the chance to gain access to their tech depending on which limb finisher you cut off.

The environments are also a big improvement in comparison to the original game. The factory setting is being replaced by the futuristic, quarantined city named Jericho. In the city, the main character will be able to investigate a totally synthetic park created for the rich people to enjoy; among other things. A Truly exciting scenery to play in.

The last but not least on our list, another superb game waiting to be shown in all its glory.

All in all some great upcoming months are in stock for the gamer as these and some more games will be released and put to the test of the fans. We can’t wait for it to finally happen; and we’re sure neither can you.

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