Awesome 3D-printed frag grenade with LEDs created by Apex fan

Apex fan creates 3D-printed frag grenade with LEDs

Awesome 3D-printed frag grenade with LEDs created by Apex fan

From fan art and skin concepts to cosplays and handcrafted trinkets, there’s never an end to the creativity that flows out of the Apex Legends community. One Apex fan recently shared their 3D-printed replica of the game’s frag grenade—and it’s impressive how closely the final product resembles what the throwable item looks like in the game.

The grenade is roughly five inches tall and five inches wide. It features the Syndicate’s logo, as well as a red danger label. There are red lights placed around the grenade, making it look active and ready to explode. Jurassic73, the grenade’s creator, also took care to paint the grenade the same army green and dark yellow hues that appear on the throwable item in game.

“Designed a USB power insert and also clear diffusers for the holes for (24) LEDs to light it up,” jurassic73 wrote. “Lots of glazing putty, filler primer, airbrush work… first time building something like this and stoked with how it turned out.”

The Reddit user also shared a gallery of pictures showing off the design process and the work that went into creating the grenade.

Jurassic73 obtained the 3D design from Cults, a 3D printing platform where users can upload and share designs. Fans of the battle royale with a 3D printer can make their own Apex collectible by visiting the print’s page on Cults.

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