LOL the world of Strategies

LOL the world of Strategies

LOL is a world phenomena, and probably the most popular game of all time. It has millions of players and fans all over the world. The goal is to be the best you can be. You must have already heard of Smurf LOL accounts, but if you haven’t here’s your chance to find out and even buy one. That’s right, if you’re interested in buying a Smurf account, this is the right place to be. It is no secret that strategies are a key thing if you want to win and keep winning, so if you want to do just that; stay tuned.

In terms of progression, upon starting the game, one needs to play in order to unlock champions that one specifically wants to play, otherwise, a weekly free champion rotation is there for one to play random heroes that are selected to be free for a set week. A League of Legends Strategy like unlocking champions is as simple as playing games and earning points, however, if you’re in a rush and want a few champions fast, there is always the paid riot points option. With riot points, one can also go that step further and buy cosmetic items like champion skins and ward skins.

When it comes to leveling, a Summoner can have a maximum level of 30, after which the only progression made would be in terms of influence points, that are used to unlock champions and runes, as well as ranked play, which shows off a player’s skill level and enables one to climb up the ranking ladder to the very top, if one has the necessary skill that is. Furthermore, anyone over gold rank will receive a skin at the end of the season, which will be unique to players who reached above gold rank during that particular season alone, and will be unavailable for purchase in the future.

When talking about summoners who have reached level 30 we must mention a thing called Smurf. That’s right; a Smurf is a low-level account belonging to a high-level summoner we just mentioned.

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Smurf has various benefits, but the most important is, that it can serve as a backup account in case your main account gets banned or compromised. Therefore, buying a Smurf account if you’re an experienced player is truly a great step; because it offers you a kind of protection and a greater freedom while playing. So, don’t hesitate; buy your Smurf League of Legends account here, and step your game up.

Should you dislike the long 25-40 minute games on Summoner’s rift and would rather have a briefer experience, do not be disappointed, as the game also has a solution for you. ARAM holds a one lane, accelerated play map, where most of the time League of Legends Strategy gameplay revolves purely on a pvp based structure, whereas there is little to no farming of NPC’s but rather has a continuous bloodbath until one team’s structures are all gone.

Apart from adding spice to the game, and helping evolve the game to greater heights, new champions do not only bring an added mechanic for League of Legends strategy, but also an added storyline. Each champion in the game has a lore backed up with intertwining stories that bond one champion to the other, or otherwise rift them from one another, with some champions holding grudges against others, and others befriending each other, hence every new champion is an added chapter to a never ending story.

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To wrap things up and exhibit the game’s potential as well as current strength. In terms of popularity, it is at the very top, being the most watched game on streaming platforms consistently. As well as having one of the biggest gaming communities. It also bolsters an enormous competitive platform for both professional level players as well as amateur level which leads to more practice of their League of Legends Strategy.

Having been one of the first games to actually offer an employment opportunity as actual professional gaming athletes, to the very top quality teams, putting them head to head on a weekly basis in their own year-long league structure, the LCS. The fun doesn’t stop there, however, the weekly clashes between teams leads to teams being ranked up and given championship points, which at the end of summer are counter up and the top of each region, be it North American, European or even the Asian region’s teams get to clash against the world’s finest in a fight for the world championship title.

This event then happens in a different continent every year with grand stages in some of the most spectacular locations in the world, ranging from the Wembley Stadium to the Sangam Stadium in Seoul, Korea, to who knows where in the future. What we do know, however, is that riot never ever disappoints.

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