Soon We Will Play New Star Wars Game

Soon We Will Play New Star Wars Game

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be available in a few months’ time. The game is coming out on November 15, 2019.

The protagonist of the fallen order, is a young force user whose name is Cal Kestis. It is to be said that unlike other Star Wars games, in this version, there will be no option to tempt Cal with the dark side of the force. Fallen Order will be a kind of linear story; therefore less suited for any kind of branching narrative choices. Instead, this version of the game will explore the dark times after The Revenge of the Sith when the Empire is at the highest height of its power and Cal as well as other force users are hiding.

The main character survived the initial attack of the vicious Order 66, but now he’ll be on the run and even vulnerable, right until some incident forces him to expose his true powers. In this version, he’s hunted by the Second Sister. You might have thought about the Seventh Sister from Clone Wars, but no; this is another inquisitor whose main purpose is to hunt the Jedi.

Another force hunting Cal will be Purge Troopers. They are actually an early version of the Dark Troopers we were able to see in the film Rogue One. However, they will surely be fighting enemies with those shock sticks we have seen in Clone Wars.

Moreover, not only Cal will be growing. Your lightsaber will be evolving over the course of the game as well, although there are not much details about that particular feature. However, it might be something similar to the Force Unleashed games where you are able transfer kyber crystals; as well as customize both your looks and powers.

Through the exclusive gameplay demo shown at E3 2019 Cal’s early-game powers were presented. That being said, it is good to know that Jedi Knight classics push and pull are in, and you are given the opportunity to chain the pull into an execution move in which Cal actually uses his lightsaber to visibly debilitate the enemy. His force power is truly unique, there’s no doubt about that.

As a Jedi in Star Wars games you are often given the chance to choose whether you’ll accept the light side or the dark side of the force. Here we can see that Cal is truly devoted to the light side. At the EA Play panel at E3 2019 it was confirmed more than once that the players won’t be making any light side or dark side choices for various reasons. That’s probably because the game is actually a kind of a linear rollercoaster experience and branching story paths might not be the best choice of all the choices.

During the game, you’ll have the absolute freedom to decide when and where you go next. I addition, you’ll have the chance to overcome areas of the game in new ways. Your Force powers will give you new possibilities when it comes to exploring it. The game is not entirely focused on the Jedi combat either. Even though there are various interesting challenges focused on combat and exploration; as well as puzzle-solving.

When it comes to planets, each of them will have a landing zone
for your ship where you can take a much needed rest, save your game, your different craft upgrades, as well as upgrade Cal’s abilities. There are save points in the world as well. However using these will respawn minor enemies in the area. Not something you’d actually like to do.

Your healing abilities are quite similar to the ones of the Dark Souls. Your loyal droid has a number of healing canisters that are being replenished at save points. As you gather resources you are able to upgrade the number of canisters that can be carried by the droid. There will also be cosmetic upgrades to your droid as well as the trusty ship throughout the course of the game.

However, there are no micro transactions in this game at all. That will surely come as a true relief to many of the players. After all, this could finally be the modern Star Wars game that’s actually great in almost every aspect.  There’s no multiplayer option either. The entire focus is on the story of the Jedi: Fallen Order, which is actually more than fine.

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