The Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge start today

The Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge start today

After yesterday’s small teaser announcement through Twitter, Activision Blizzard is bringing the Kanezaka Challenge to Overwatch. The 2-week occasion will give OW gamers many opportunities to earn limited-time rewards, together with an epic skin for Hanzo.

Through January 25, gamers will be capable to earn limited-time rewards together with six distinctive sprays and the Kyogisha Hanzo epic skin for a complete of seven new rewards within the Kanezaka Challenge. A brand new, eponymous free-for-all deathmatch map has additionally been added to Overwatch as a part of the Kanezaka Challenge.

The rewards available for Overwatch gamers throughout the Kanezaka challenge could be obtained in one among two methods. First, gamers can win video games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade to work in direction of rewards for the Kanezaka Challenge. Three wins will earn a player the Pagoda Player Icon, six wins will earn a player the Yōkai Spray, and 9 wins will net the participant a brand new epic skin within the form of Kyogisha Hanzo.

Along with the rewards accessible by securing wins, some rewards are additionally accessible as a part of the Kanezaka Challenge will also be earned by watching streamers play Overwatch on Twitch. Watching a streamer on Twitch for 2 hours will earn the player one Kanezaka Challenge spray. Watching for 4 complete hours will earn the player another pair of Kanezaka Challenge sprays, and a total of six hours watched will double the total of Kanezaka Problem sprays earned by the player for six total.

While the Padoga Player icon and Yōkai Spray can be found by each strategies of securing rewards all through the Kanezaka Challenge, completionists might want to do both playing and watching to get every reward the event has to supply within the next two weeks.

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