What you need to know about NBA 2K20

What you need to know about NBA 2K20

Last week 2K Sports released the first game play trailer for NBA 2K20. It gave us a small glimpse of various new features coming to the hardwood. There are also some first official information on how Visual Concepts plan to expand the on-court experience through an in-depth blog post that further explains their intentions. Here are some of the most important info.

NBA 2K18 introduced a new motion engine whose role was to honor stick skills as well as responsiveness over animation-driven game play. NBA 2K20 continues do the same, with various slight changes meant to make these top athletes look and feel as agile and professional as their real-world counterparts.

Moreover, Visual Concepts spent time researching the sprint speeds of NBA players in order to recreate their burst more accurately, which then led to a bigger change regarding how sprinting affects stamina. Therefore,this year, you’ll notice a flashing yellow light around the stamina bar whenever your energy level drops below a certain point.

Another great thing is the fact that when you’re leading the ball up the court, you’re going to have many more different options to choose from, than you did last year. Visual Concepts has developed as many as 27 different dribbling styles, which greatly affect how a player handles the ball.

You simply can’t buff ball handlers without giving the defenders the right tools to lock them down. That’s why NBA 2K20 introduces some new tools to perfect that aspect of the game as well.

When guarding the ball, defensive players will see a small arrow right under the ball handler, indicating where they’re leaning or attempting to go. The arrow however shows up at different times based on the defender’s abilities.

Since you usually spend so much time moving away from the ball in other games alike, Visual Concepts wants to truly bolster this area in NBA 2K20. Users can therefore play their defenders by using the Pro Stick; in order to access features like fake first steps, spins, and stutters that can naturally be chained together.

Defenders can moreover, counter these with more off-ball collisions. If you’re good at anticipating their moves, you can cut it off.

The last big change to the off-ball movement is a slightly different screen system whose task is to help defenders to better navigate around screeners instead of getting sucked into animations.

Not all of us like to call offensive plays; some prefer to rely on ball movement and isolation when it comes to creating opportunities. That type of players should get a true boost in NBA 2K20 thanks to the new dynamic freelance engine, which pushes A.I. teammates into making more intelligent decisions off the ball. The new system therefore centers around your best players, giving you a better experience of the game overall.

Ratings do matter, but the skill-centric badges is what players spend the most time fighting for in NBA 2K games. This year, Visual Concepts revamped the entire system in order to provide an even better choice of the badges.

This overall exciting and definitely improved game is coming out on September 6th. We’re sure it will have an even larger base of fans once everyone gets its hands on it.

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