Why you’ll enjoy DOOM Eternal

Why you’ll enjoy DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal is truly smarter, faster, and even bloodier than Doom 2016.

Doom Eternal is exactly what I wanted from a follow-up to 2016’s version. It’s a fast, fierce, old-school shooter, and it builds on the previous game in various interesting ways. There are still secrets to find, guns to hoard, and many, many demons to kill. Furthermore it is a more creative and exciting Doom that uses old favorites and new tricks to upgrade the entire playing experience without sacrificing what makes it so compelling to the players.

In the new DOOM, you can still glory kill for health; as well as chainsaw kill for the ammunition, but you can also rapidly land two glory kills, in order to adsd Blood Punch AoE to your next melee attack, or you can put your enemies on fire thanks to the new shoulder-mounted flamethrower; so they will drop their armor packs.

These two additions might seem minor, but have a huge impact on the way you’ll approach all the encounters in Doom Eternal. It changes the way you see your enemies by bringing the method to Doom’s overall madness.

Furthermore, the combat has also been enhanced by new movement options as well. Now you can double jump, dash twice in any direction (both on the ground and in the air), slide around, and cling or climb to different walls. That’s not all, you have a grappling hook as well. You can pull yourself towards the enemies, pull the enemies towards you, or use flying enemies as true anchors to swing yourself around. In addition, you can chain all of these abilities together to pull off some really great stunts. You won’t be disappointed with this aspect of the game for sure.

We can’t go further without mentioning the Doom Slayer. Who is he? He is a kind of a superhero. It was the goal to turn him in a superhero in the Doom 2016 already, and now it has been taken to a whole different level. That struggle between good and evil is the essential part of the game. He is always on the wall fighting different demons. I think his will, his power, his persistence is what makes him such a badass and a hero at the same time.

Instead of revealing his humanity all the time, through scenes where he’s experiencing emotion and talking to people, he only reveals his humanity in selected, subtle moments which makes it all that much more interesting. It makes him that more compelling and likable in a way. His upgrade is certainly a great addition to the game.

As far as the already mentioned enemies go, there’s a bvariety of them to choose from; including plenty of new ones like the Whiplash,Carcass and a Dread Knight, as well as modernized classics like the Pain Elemental and Arachnotron giving that good old soul style to the game.

As you can already conclude, there will be no lack of excitement in the new Doom  Eternal. All you need to do is take the best of it and enjoy your time to the fullest. We’re sure you will.

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