Will We Get New RuneScape Game Soon?

Will We Get New RuneScape Game Soon?

Will We Get New RuneScape Game Soon?

RuneScape was the game that pretty much everyone was playing over a decade ago. The free to play MMORPG took the world by storm and recorded over 200 million accounts created, which is the highest ever for any free MMORPG even today. The game ran on internet browsers for quite some time and wasn’t an application that players had to download in order to play on PC. This changed when the focus of the developers changed towards RuneScape 3, which is the current official version of the game.

RuneScape 3 brought a lot of changes over the previous 2 versions of the game. While this sounds like a good thing, a lot of these changes weren’t exactly well-received. RuneScape 3 was definitely a good game in the eyes of many people, but it failed to reach the heights established by its predecessors. The classic, original RuneScape’s servers were officially shut down in 2018 meaning that RuneScape 3 is currently the main go-to for all fans of the game. This has now turned into a big problem, because RuneScape 3 isn’t exactly the most popular game around any longer. The player count is awfully low compared to the popularity of the game during its peak, and the experience arguably isn’t as enjoyable anymore either.

Most people believe that a new RuneScape is probably the best way to revive the game. While this is likely true, there’s certainly no new RuneScape game coming out on Steam or any other platform for the time being. There was reportedly a new project being worked on by the developers of RuneScape in 2018. This project was likely to be a new RuneScape but was likely cancelled and never heard about again. RuneScape, or RuneScape 3 as most people call it, is still available to play on Steam and gets updated from time to time.

The original, old-school RuneScape is actually available to play as well and seems as if it has a larger player-base than RuneScape 3. This old-school RuneScape is available to play on browsers. It features some noticeable improvements over classic RuneScape and is mainly the same game in its essence. If you ever wish to relive all those memories of playing RuneScape in the 2000’s, Old-School RuneScape is the best option you have right now. While we might not have any news about a new RuneScape game, let alone a release date, it is possible that we might see a new game in the future. Only time can tell whether or not this will happen though, as the team behind RuneScape hasn’t given any positive news regarding the development of a new game in the series.

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