Star Wars: Squadrons – Fly X-wing Around and Shoot

Star Wars: Squadrons – Fly X-wing Around and Shoot

Stars Wars Squadrons was released recently on October 2, 2020 and has certainly become popular. It is another game based on the highly popular Star Wars franchise which has been developed by EA. EA has definitely released quite a few Star Wars games over the last few years, but the definitely haven’t released something like Star Wars: Squadrons before. If you’ve ever dreamt about riding an X-wing and taking down enemies in space, Star Wars: Squadrons is as close as you can get for the time being.

The game allows players to play as a pilot of the Galactic Empire, the New Republic, or even both if you’re trying out the game’s story mode. Both factions have the same classes of ships, but there are a few noticeable differences which are explained more as you play the game. It features a first-person perspective which cannot be changed. Players get a detailed view of the outside while sitting in their ship, while also getting to look at the status of their ship from the inside at the same time. As of now, there are a total of three different modes in the game that players can try out.

The main mode of the game is of course its story mode, which has been received well by most players and critics. This story campaign follows the journey of two different pilots, one of whom is part of the New Republic while the other is a part of the Galactic Empire. Both these pilots are also fully customizable by the player themselves. The focus keeps changing between both these characters time and time again as the story progresses. Players will spend most of the entire campaign fending off enemies or performing some other tasks while inside of their character’s ship.

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Other than this story mode, there are two other modes for players to try out. Both of these modes are multiplayer and feature different objectives for players to complete. One of these modes is Dogfight, which puts a maximum of 10 players together in two groups. These two groups will be fighting against one another in space while taking control of their ships and trying to completely eliminate the enemy team. The other mode is Fleet Battles which also features 10 players split into 2 different groups. The difference between the two modes is that Fleet Battles focuses on destroying Capital Ships rather than eliminating the enemy. The team which destroys the Enemy Flagship first is ultimately declared the winner. This is what Star Wars: Squadrons has to offer to players for the time being, but it must be said that the game is very enjoyable regardless of the variety in game modes or choices.

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